English Grammar (ESL)

Improve Your English Grammar

American English grammar can be difficult to learn on your own. During your private, one-on-one lessons with our instructor, you will learn how to improve your grammar and verbal communication skills. You can expect high quality, professional lessons from a University trained Certified English as a Second Language Teacher with many years of successful teaching experience. American English grammar lessons are available worldwide via Skype, or locally in San Diego, California.

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American English Pronunciation & Grammar Lessons

Improve your American English Pronunciation, Grammar and communication skills by studying with a Certified ESL Teacher and Voice Specialist with Masters Degree studies in Linguistics and Speech Pathology. Our one-on-one, privately instructed, English learning courses will help you build self-confidence and increase employment opportunities.

Accent Reduction lessons are offered for all levels of English speaking proficiency and for native English speakers from all countries who want to speak English in the “American Style.” Improving grammar and verbal communication skills will help you build rapport and earn respect. Accent reduction is a professional skill that takes your English proficiency to a higher level and provides valuable opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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